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Vocopro DA-8909RV 360W Digital Karaoke Amplifier/Mixer

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A great vocal performance requires the right set of tools to do it justice. For the best sound, Vocal Enhancer and DSP vocal Reverb are two of the most popular tools for recording artists worldwide. Similar products practically require a sound engineer to use them properly, though VocoPro has a better alternative. Simplifying the functions of a studio Vocal Enhancer and combining them with our popular Mixing Amplifier, the new DA-8909RV has everything you need to sound like a star.

Excellent Features:

• 180W + 180W maximum power output Mixing Amplifier
• Vocal Enhancer with High and Low Contour, Tune and Process controls for
  optimal vocal reproduction and rich, vibrant sound
• ±6-step Digital Key Controller for transposing natural key of source music
• Vocal Cancel/Vocal Partner modes for removing or adding guide vocals from   
  Multiplex Karaoke media
• Digital Echo with Repeat and Delay controls to add depth and space to vocals
• Three Microphone Inputs with individual Volume controls
• Full-function remote control for ease of operation
• Master Music and Microphone Volume controls
• LED Gain setting to toggle display intensity
• Exciter sharpens the treble for brighter sounding music
• 3 RCA style Video Inputs and 3 Video Outputs
• 4 dedicated RCA L/R audio input channels
• Dedicated Wireless Mic Input and Mic Insert
• Mic Output with switchable Echo
• Connects up to 4 speakers with A/B switch between pairs
• Suggested Retail Price: $ 939.00 USD

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